There is no more influential book in the history of the world than the Bible. Consider these facts:

In short, as a musician or an educated person if you have not read the Bible or are not familiar with its contents you have a huge deficiency in your education. If for no other reason than to complete your education, you need to read this book. Not reading the Bible is a bit like studying the Baroque period without considering J. S. Bach. By the way, Bach was an avid reader of the Bible.

We suggest you start with the Gospel of John, if you have not read the Bible before. There are several websites with Bible translations available. Here are two links on different websites to the 1st chapter in John: 1st link & 2nd link. We recommend a modern translation of the Bible in English such as the New King James Version or the New International Version.

But there are more than just educational reasons for reading the Bible. It is not just the historical accuracy of the Bible, the history contained in it, or the accounts of God's work with people that has attracted people to the Bible. Millions of people have found that reading and studying the Bible changes their life for the better.

Many have made attempts to destroy and disprove the Bible. Consider these: You will need to decide for yourself. We encourage you to take an honest look at this remarkable book.

These books will be helpful if you are interested in learning more about the Bible.