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These are not MIDI accompaniments, they contain solo and accompaniment parts.

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BECK, M.J.W. (1961-Living) Dutch
Finland's Song for oboe and piano, 1987 (21k)

CAGE, John (1912-1992) American

MARCELLO, Alessandro (1669-1747) Italian
Mozart, W. A. Concerto In C Major

Allegro aperto   MIDIListen to the corresponding MIDI file
Adagio non troppo   MIDIListen to the corresponding MIDI file
RONDO - Allegretto   MIDIListen to the corresponding MIDI file

PALADILHE, Émile (1844-1926) French

PLATTI, GIOVANNI (1690-1763) Italian ZACH, Jan (1699-1773) Bohemian


Boismortier Bassoon Duet - Download midi file

Dukas, Paul Sorcerer's Apprentice

FASCH, Johann (1688-1758) German


GALLIARD, Johann Ernst (1687-1749) German

Galliard Bassoon Sonata - Download midi file

Mozart HausMusik Bassoon and Cello 2nd Mov. - Download midi file

Mozart Bassoon Concerto - Download midi file

Concerto in Bb for Bassoon (K.191) (122k) Randy Reid

Mozart, W. A. Concerto for Bassoon (K.191) Damien Hall

Prokofiev Humerous Scherzo Bassoon quartet - Download midi file

Satzenhofer Bassoon duet - Download midi file

Telemann Flute Sonata Transcribed for Bassoon - Download midi file

Weber Hungarian Fantasy Bassoon and Orchestra - Download midi file


Mozart, W. A. Divertimento in F for 2 oboes, 2 horns, and 2 bassoons (K.213) (43k) Damian H. Zanette

Concerto in G Minor for Flute, Oboe, and Bassoon (F.XII, n.4) Robert Langenburg
  1. Allegro ma cantabile (14k)
  2. Allegro non molto (9k)
  3. Largo (11k)

VIVALDI, Antonio (1678-1741) Italian Sonata RV 106 per flauto, oboe e fagotto (30 kB) Dardel


Bach, J. S. Cantata BWV 150 (72 kB) Campos/Dardel

The complete cantata "Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich". This is a not-so-well known cantata. This midi file is the very first encompassing the whole work. The files sequenced by Antonio Campos, and realised the figured bass. There is lots of choir movements, and interesting violin and bassoon parts.