In line 4 made certain that the rhythms stay accurate.


Weissenborn Example

Too often students rush the 16ths as performed this way (example with rushed 16ths).

1.    演奏第四行的时候一定要注意节奏的准确性。 学生们经常容易犯的错误就是在16分音符的乐段抢节奏,于是这一段就变成了这样:

Instead perform it accurately this way (example correct)


1.    相反,如果你在演奏的时候保持节奏的准确性,这个乐段就是这样的:


The double breaths indicate places where you should exhale and then inhale. This is done at the beginning of the piece. Later this is done before playing the last three lines.

1.    双呼吸的标注提示我们应该在这个地方先呼气再吸气。这首曲子的开头部分就应该这样演奏。 然后在演奏最后三行之前也应该这样做。