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Dear visitor,

Changes are coming to 2reed.net! This will be the third major revision for the website.

I started the website in 2006 during my 1st sabbatical at Towson University. You can see first style of the homepage archived here:


The second major change to the website was in 2010 after I studied web design in an art course taught at Towson University. Many new features were added to the site to improve navigation. Here is an early example of an early page:


Since those years I added many new features. Of course over those years the content greatly increased! There are now hundreds of items on the site and in particular there are over 200 videos in the Bassoon Digital Professor series in three principal languages.

The third change will create a more dynamic homepage, with features I will update regularly. I have learned a few more web design skills that I hope will present information to you in a more useful fashion. This homepage will be revised first, with other alternations occuring as time allows.

One important note: With the exception of the home page in the second version of the website, all of the "legacy" pages from years 2009-2015 will be retained. You will have access to those pages and all the on-site information. I am sparing you the aggravation I experience when websites change the directories of all of their pages. The new changes will be in essence a second website within the existing one. Through the new home page you will be able to navigate to new and old pages. However, the "legacy" pages will not be updated so off-site links will not be current.


Terry B. Ewell

This website is developed for double reed musicians, teachers, and performers throughout the world. In this site you will find many aids to helping you grow as a performer, teacher, and person. We hope that this site will greatly encourage you as you continue to learn more about double reed performance and living as a musician. Here we are sharing our talents, knowledge, and life experiences. May God richly bless you as you visit this site.

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