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Método: Music of the Americas for Bassoon

Techniques, Etudes, Melodies, and Excerpts from the Americas and Beyond

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Level 1
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Lesson Number
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Country of Melodies Genre of Melodies Techniques or Concepts Excerpts (Various Countries)
1 Various New Notes C3, D3, E3, F3; Slurs and Tonguing Tchaikovsky, Symphony 4, 2nd mov.
2 USA Shaker Music New Notes G2, A2, B2; Accents Bizet, Symphony in C
3 USA Notes and Rests, Breaths, New Note F2 Tchaikovsky, Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture
4 Various Rhythms and Melodies with Eighth Notes, New Note Bb2 Tchaikovsky, Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
5 Mexico Starting Notes with the Tongue, Ending with the Air; New Notes Eb3 and F#2 Sousa, Hail to the Spirit of Liberty
6 USA and Canada Stopping with Breath and Tongue, New Notes F#3 and 3, G3 Strauss, Jr., Kaiser-Walzer
7 Various 5-Drive with Dynamics; Marcato Sibelius, Symphony 7
8 Mexico Flick keys, New Notes A3, Bb3, B3, C4, D4 Strauss, Jr., Kaiser-Walzer
9 Various Advent & Christmas Flicking for Large Leaps Bach, Christmas Oratorio, No. 36
10 USA Spirituals New Notes Ab2 and 3, Db3 and 4 Sousa, Hands Across the Sea, Tchaikovsky, Symphony 2
11 Various Dotted Eighth with Sixteenth Notes Mahler, Symphony 1, III,  Tchaikovsky, Symphony  2
12 USA Native American Major Scales and Pentatonic Scales Strauss, Blue Danube Waltz; Mahler,  Symphony 1, II.
13 Mexico Chromatic Scale Puerner, Cuban Serenade
14 USA Spirituals Tongue Position for Intonation Mozart, Divertimento No. 3, K. 166; Beethoven Symphony 5
15 USA Cowboy Songs Tongue Position for Intonation Price, "The Oak"
16 Various Arpeggios, Sixteenth Note Rhythms Gershwin, "American in Paris"
17 Various Articulation Drive, Staccato Length (3) Given by Weissenborn Tchaikovsky Nutcracker
18 USA Hymns Improvisation on a Pentatonic Scale, Fluid Technique with Eighth Notes Tchaikovsky Symphony 4
19 Argentina Mastering notes up to D4 Beethoven, Symphony 6
20 Peru Further Work with Dotted Eighth and Sixteenth Notes Tchaikovsky Symphony 4, III.

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