Método: Music of the Americas for Bassoon
(Método: Música de las Américas para fagot)

Techniques, Etudes, Melodies, and Excerpts from the Americas and Beyond
(Técnicas, estudios, melodías y extractos de las Américas y más allá)

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Level 1
Lesson Number
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Country of Melodies Genre of Melodies Techniques or Concepts Excerpts (Various Countries)
1 Various
2 USA Shaker Music
3 USA Spirituals
4 Various
5 Mexico Starting notes with the tongue, ending with the air
6 USA and Canada Stopping notes with the tongue
7 Various 5-Drive with dynamics
8 Mexico Flick keys
9 Various Christmas
10 USA Spirituals
11 Various Mahler, Symphony 1, III
12 USA Native American Strauss, Blue Danube Waltz; Mahler,  Symphony 1, II.
13 Mexico Puerner, Cuban Serenade
14 USA Spirituals Tongue position for intonation Mozart, Divertimento No. 3, K. 166
15 USA Cowboy Songs Tongue position for intonation Price, The Oak
16 Various Sousa, "El Capitan" March
17 Various Stacatto length (3) given by Weissenborn Tchaikovsky Nutcracker
18 USA Hymns Tchaikovsky Symphony 4
19 Argentina Beethoven, Symphony 6
20 Peru Tchaikovsky Symphony 4, III.

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