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Also see Performance for related teaching issues.


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More Videos for Beginning Oboists and Teachers

English Horn

Introduction to English Horn. Shiltz, Grover. Let’s Play English Horn. South Whitley : Fox Products Corporation, 2000.


Play Along! A website of materials for online duet and trio practice. 

Bassoon Digital Professor The Bassoon Digital Professor contains over 400 videos in six languages,
many devoted to instruction on the bassoon.

See the website for an partial listing of topics.

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Highly recommended: Kristen Wolfe Jensen's website for beginning bassoonists. This site contains lesson materials and videos.

Videos for Teachers and Beginning Bassoonists. By Terry B. Ewell, Bassoon Digital Professor.


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Tone and Musicality

Broken Link (please forward new link): Moyse's "Tone Development" Sound Files. An extremely useful collection of historic opera excerpt recordings to accompany the exercises in Moyse's book. Project conceived and constructed by Joe Manuppello with assistance from Richard Volet and Ruth Ann McClain.

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Early Tutors

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