Ministry to Double Reed Musicians

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Tomasi, Henri, Cinq Danses Profanes et Sacrées

Duran, Daryl. "Danse Guerriere." In "Bassoon Fingering Fixes," The Double Reed 39/3 (2016): 72.

The lower case letters refer to fingerings below. It is suggested that the reader refer directly to the article.

A4-B4 trill for the first three notes starting at "a" and for "b"

		A4-B4 trill
		x tr tr | o o X Ab
		   a c#   Bb

For "c" use the fingering for G#4, for "d" the fingering for Eb5.

		    G#4             Eb5
		      Eb               Eb
		1/2 x x | o o x    o x x | o x o
		                     c#       F#



For "e" use your regular A fingering.

For "f" use Db4

		x x o | x	

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