Ministry to Double Reed Musicians

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Tchaikovsky, Peter. Symphony No. 4

Ewell, Terry B. (20 August 1994). Fourth movement, mm. 26-32 after rehearsal letter B. A4 to Bb4 throughout use Cooper p. 278 for A4 and open L. H. C hole for Bb4. All A4s in the passage may be played with Cooper p. 278.

A4:                Bb4:

    Eb                 Eb
x x x | o o o      x x o | o o o
 a c#               a c#



McAuliffe, Joseph. Second mov. last note. In Apfelstadt, Marc and Klimko, Ronald. Bassoon Performance Practice, Teaching Materials, Techniques and Methods. Idaho: University of Idaho, 1993, p. 63. For pianissimo.


  o o o | o o o F
Bb B C D

Tchaikovsky, Peter. Symphony No. 4, second movement, last note, F3. Millard, C. BPP1, p. 67. Slowly close R. H. E key for diminuendo.

 o o o | o o o
  w      E--close slowly

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