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Lecture and Recital by Maurice Allard (1976) | Ewell Video | Podcast (deGourdon)

Maurice Allard

The materials below were presented at Towson University in October 26, 1976. Hosted by Harold Gene Griswold.

Lecture by Maurice Allard. Translated by Frances Kosnik. This lecture repeats much of the material published in To the World's Basosonists, Vol. VI/ 2 (1976): 1-4. link (mp3)

Recital by Maurice Allard. Pianist unknown.

Vivaldi, Concerto in F Maggiore per Fagotto, Archi e Cembalo. FVII, no. 9; Tomo 240; Pincherele 299

  1. Allegro non molto
  2. Largo
  3. Allegro

 Marc Vaubourgoin, Concerto pour Basson et Orchestre

  1. (not included)
  2. link
  3. link

Henri Tomasi, Concerto pour Basson et Orchestre

  1. (not included)
  2. Serenade - Nocturne; 3. Saltarelle
Roger Boutry, Interferences for Bassoon and Piano

Introduction by Allard; "Solstice" Antoine Tisné. This was performed with an orchestral recording.

  1. Song of the Desert
  2. Song of the Earth
  3. La Danse Solaire

Podcast (English)

Alain deGourdon, oboe maker link

5. Alain deGourdon International Double Reed Society Podcast, Jan. 2007, with Alain deGourdon, oboe maker. Hosted by Terry B. Ewell.

Video Gethsemane for Solo Bassoon by Terry B. Ewell

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