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Drones (MP3)

This is a collection of drones, each of which is about 2 minutes in length. An organ sound rich in overtones is used to help with tuning. These are not pure tones, so you will here some pulsing as the overtones move in and out of phase. This more closely simulates a true playing condition than pure tones.

You can download them by right clicking on these links and saving them ("save target as") on your computer or you can play them by just left clicking the link. 

C | C# | D | Eb | E | F | F# | G | Ab | A | Bb | B

Be sure to read the section on how to use drones.

Printed Music on the IDRS Web site. Much of this is restricted to IDRS members. See Printed Music

Off-site Books or Pamphlets

Introduction to Oboe. Paulu, Catherine and Shiltz, Grover. Let’s Play Oboe. South Whitley: Fox Products Corporation, 2002

Introduction to English Horn. Shiltz, Grover. Let’s Play English Horn. South Whitley: Fox Products Corporation, 2000.

Introduction to Bassoon. Fox, Hugo. “Let’s Play Bassoon.” South Whitley: Fox Products Corporation, 2000. 

Products for a Fee

Ergopost (Ergonomic Handrest Post for Bassoon)

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