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Método: Music of the Americas for Bassoon
(Método: Música de las Américas para fagot)

Techniques, Etudes, Melodies, and Excerpts from the Americas and Beyond
(Técnicas, estudios, melodías y extractos de las Américas y más allá)

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Country of Melodies Genre of Melodies Techniques or Concepts Excerpts (Various Countries)
1 Various Tabuteau's "Drives"; Vibrato Mahler, Symphony 1, mvt. 1.
2 Various Double tonguing, slurring downward Beach, Pastorale for Woodwind Quintet
3 USA Sacred Harp Mixed Divisions of 2 and 3 Reicha, Quintet in Eb; Brahms, Symphony 1
4 Mexico Sprints with Mixed Tonguing Ponce, Chapultepec; Beethoven, Violin Concerto
5 Brazil Alternate F#2, Syncopations with 16th and 8th Notes Wagner, Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg Overture
6 USA and Canada Spirituals Rubato Drives Ewell, "Adam" from Paradise Lost
7 Various Christmas Monotones for Phrasing Handel, Messiah, Halleluyah Chorus
8 Various Articulation Sprints Beach, Gaelic Symphony; Dukas, Sorcerer’s Apprentice
9 USA Cowboy Songs Up Tempo Melodies, Off Beats Mozart, Bassoon Concerto, 2nd Mov.; Brahms, Violin Concerto, 2nd Mov.
10 USA Folk Songs 2-5 Articulation, 5/4 Meter Vivaldi, A Minor Concerto, RV 497; Sousa, Stars and Stripes Forever
11 Various Trill Components Bizet, Carmen, Entr'acte
12 Argentina Divisions of 2 and 3 Gomes, Ao Ceará livre!
13 USA Tin Pan Alley Beat Displacement, Monotones Mozart, Piano Concerto No. 20, 1st mov.
14 Mexico Articulation Sprints, Showing Groupings of 2 and 3 Beethoven, 4th Symphony, 4th mov.; Ramírez Santillán, Concierto a Dios
15 Various End-Beginning Practice Method, 32nds in Rhythms Mozart, Marriage of Figaro Overture; Dance of the Yao People
16 Cuba More End-Beginning Practicing, 32nds in Rhythms Mozart, Marriage of Figaro Overture; Beach, Gaelic Symphony, 3rd Mov., Mozart, Symphony 41
17 Brazil Long and Short Beat Markings, Musical Motion Using Articulation Beethoven, 4th Symphony, 4th mov.; Mozart, Marriage of Figaro Overture; Brahms, Variations on a Theme by Haydn
18 USA and Canada 5 2 4 2 Articulation Vivaldi, A Minor Concerto, RV 497; Weber, Der Freischütz; Coleridge-Taylor, Variations on an African Air
19 Peru More Music with Tenor Clef Alzedo, Missa de Requiem; Brahms, Variations on a Theme by Haydn
20 Various Performance Suggestions for the “New World" Symphony Dvořák, New World Symphony

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